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Schools Of Choice Adds To Uncertainty Of Ann Arbor Public Schools Expected Enrollment

Aug 25, 2014

With Ann Arbor Public Schools starting in just over a week, staff is closely monitoring enrollment figures. It's always a fluid number at this time of year, but the district faces more uncertainty this year.

Credit Andrew Cluley / 89.1 WEMU

Ann Arbor Public Schools efforts to boost enrollment through attracting more schools of choice students makes the enrollment count a bit more fluid than normal in the final days before school starts.

Director of Communications Liz Margolis says staff worked all summer trying to finalize enrollment for schools of choice students, but some families remain up in the air. "They're still trying to plan how they're going to transport their students into our district since we do not offer that.  The majority of them have those plans in place but we still have families that are trying to figure that out, and some families may make a decision for whatever reason at the end to not enroll their students," she says.

Margolis says the schools of choice numbers are looking positive right now, but the final enrollment really won't be known until official count day October first. The district does have a better idea of high school enrollment than other buildings since most students have now registered for classes.

Principals and administrative staff closely watch enrollment on a daily basis this time of year so required staffing is in place when students come back after Labor Day.

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