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Soapbox Summer 2018 - Tom Brennan

Jul 9, 2018

Tom Brennan is seeking the office of Washtenaw County Commissioner in District 2.  This is the candidate's submission for Soapbox Summer.

Hi Neighbors, 

My name is Tom Brennan and I am running for Washtenaw County Commissioner in District 2.  If you live in the townships of Webster, Northfield, Salem, Ann Arbor, and most of Superior along with small portions of the cities of Dexter and Ann Arbor, you live in District 2.    

I have lived most of my life in Washtenaw County.  After graduating from Chelsea High School, I attended Washtenaw Community College before transferring to Bowling Green State University in Ohio where I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.  After graduating, I moved back home and started working for the University of Michigan Health System where I continue to work today.  I am running because I want to give back to our county by improving economic inequity, public transit, and broadband communication. 

Washtenaw County is fortunate to have several institutions of higher education, along with 3 large healthcare systems right in our backyard where you don’t have to travel across the country to receive specialized services.   

However, we still face challenges like most other counties around Michigan.   

We face economic inequity.  This large divide exists along US 23, and that is where we need to build bridges.  I want to work to make sure everyone in the county has access to all the services we offer.  This is especially prevalent with health care and our current health systems. We need to make sure everyone who needs it can access mental health services.   

I also want to address the lack of public transportation.  While those in Ann Arbor have access to the AAATA, people outside the city do not have as much access.  With more frequent service, those living in outlying areas will be able to access jobs in other parts of the county. I strongly support the Regional Transit Authority of Southeast Michigan and will make sure Washtenaw is a participating county to the fullest extent possible.   

In addition, many people living in rural areas have limited or no access to broadband internet services. This is because service providers such as Comcast or AT&T do not find it profitable to build the infrastructure in sparsely populated areas. I want to see broadband access offered in these areas.  Washtenaw County needs to be a place where farmers can set up their stands to sell their products, and have the option to process credit card transactions readily.  

I want students, especially young children, who live in rural areas be able to complete their homework, without having to rely on their parents, for transportation into town late at night to complete their schoolwork.  I want people who working from home to have the same opportunity.   

These are just some of the issues that are on my mind.  This campaign is about building bridges to make Washtenaw one county.  This campaign is about you.  I would love to hear about the challenges you currently face.  Please drop in on my website at https://www.tombrennan4washtenaw.com/  I hope to earn your vote in the primary election on August 7. 

Thank you and have a great day.   

website: https://www.tombrennan4washtenaw.com/