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Soapbox Summer - Gregory Peoples

Jul 25, 2016

Gregory Peoples is running to represent Michigan's 54th District in the State House.
Credit Gregory Peoples

Gregory Peoples is running to represent Michigan's 54th District in the State House.  This is Gregory's submission for WEMU's "Soapbox Summer" series.

Hello. I am Greg Peoples, Candidate for State House Representative for the 54th district.

 I will be the leadership you need, the advocate you can depend on, and will work tirelessly to provide the service you so rightly deserve.

 This district has been home to me, my wife and our 4 children for nearly 40 years. During that time I've dedicated my life to the field of education professionally and as a community advocate. I have been elected to 3 local school boards and currently serve on the Washtenaw Intermediate School Board. I also serve as an elected member of the Michigan Association of School Boards for 12 years representing 6 Counties in the State.

 As a state representative I will focus my energy on advocating for effective funding for our public schools; strengthening community safety by securing additional resources for local police agencies; and developing stronger bipartisan relationships that will better serve the residents of this region.

 My leadership in education, advocacy for historically marginalized communities, and regional service make me the best candidate to successfully move our district to the next level.

 Through my decades of community service, I have built relationships and earned a trusted grounded relationship based on integrity. I believe some of my opponents in this race are trying to build their political careers by circumventing the democratic process and being anointed by the political establishment.

 My campaign for state representative is focused once again, on earning the confidence, support, and votes from the residents of the 54th district.

 My service to the community includes more than educational advocacy. I currently serve or have served on many boards that have direct impact on the health and well being of the residents of the 54th district on a daily basis. These include Hope medical clinic, YCUA –Ypsilanti utilities board, and the CABLE Board - community advisory board for law enforcement.

 My experience, diverse expertise, and unparalleled understanding of the issues concerning the residents of the 54th district make me the best candidate for this position.

 I know the residents of this district want representation with the skills and earned reputation of effective and uncompromised advocacy.

 On August 2nd I encourage you to make your CHOICE the right CHOICE, VOTE For Greg Peoples – The Peoples’ Choice.