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Television Show Could Help Improve Community Relations For The Ann Arbor Police Department

Oct 21, 2016

Ann Arbor police officer and host Thomas Kooy (sitting on the right) with guests on the set of the Ann Arbor Shield show.
Credit Jorge Avellan / WEMU

The Ann Arbor Police Department continues to look for ways to improve community relations.  It hopes a television show that airs on the local access channel CTN can contribute to that. 


A television director counts down as another episode of the Ann Arbor Shield is recorded at the CTN studios.  The set lights have been dimmed, but the host and two guests along with a K-9 are well lit.  

Ann Arbor police officer Thomas Kooy is the host of the show that was designed to educate the public on department services.  

"Given the times in which law enforcement find themselves, I also want to attribute, show the men and women who serve everyday out there and perhaps make us a little bit more human to those who are watching the show."

For this taping, Nitro the K-9 demonstrated how quickly he can detect a bag with suspicious contents.  Officer Jeff Robinson says the dogs also play a role in community relations.

"Anytime that we can get in front of a group of people to teach them and let them know what we do with the dogs is a good day."

The police department also hopes to connect with the public by having everyday citizens appear on the show that's been on the air for two years to discuss issues that impact the community.  An air date has not been scheduled yet for the episode with the K-9's.

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— Jorge Avellan is a reporter for 89.1 WEMU News.  Contact him at 734.487.3363 or email him javellan@emich.edu