Terence Blanchard: Man Of Composition And Concern

Jan 22, 2016

Terence Blanchard is no stranger to Detroit as the 2015-16 Jazz Creative Director for the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, and was the 2012 Artist in Residence for the Detroit Jazz Festival. This Sunday, January 24th trumpeter, composer, arranger Terence Blanchard returns to Detroit for two performances at Cliff Bell’s Nightclub.

I spoke with him ahead of his upcoming show, and we packed a lot in to our 16 minute conversation.  We discussed Terence’s affection for Detroit jazz fans, his thoughts on best presenting jazz in film, his Buddhist philosophy, his new album, Breathless with the E Collective and the role of the artist in modern times.  We began the talk with his thoughts on the role of the artist:

  Terence is one of today’s most concerned and thoughtful musicians.  His concern for the problems of modern society are reflected in his music such as A Tale of God’s Will (A Requiem For Katrina), The Malcom X Jazz Suite and Breathless.  Many of his film scores such as Dark Blue, When The Levees BrokeA Requiem In Four Acts Dark and Red Tails often address political and societal issues.    

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