WEMU says Yes! to Agachiko

Jan 14, 2014

Agachiko is the group led by Boston-based vocalist, lyricist and composer Gabrielle Agachiko. 

Garbrielle Agachiko makes her debut on Accurate Records
Credit www.accuraterecords.com

She waited until the moment was right to release Yes! – a collection of original songs and inspired versions of songs associated with Nina Simone and Ella Johnson.  The perfect ensemble of Boston jazz veterans was assembled:  saxophonist Russ Gershon (of the Either Orchestra), flutist Ken Field (of The Revolutionary Snake Ensemble), trumpeter Scott Getchelli, guitarist Sam Davis, bassist Blake Newman and drummer Phil Neighbors who weave seamlessly and organically in and out of Agachiko’s melodies. 

The arrangements are very well-considered, but have enough air and space between the notes to lend that essential element necessary in jazz: a feeling of freedom and spontaneity.   Gabrielle Agachiko’s songs reflect a woman of confidence, clarity and deep understanding.  Such craftsmanship coupled with passion takes time to develop and perfect.  If you were wondering where the strong and sensitive women jazz singers are today, you will find a good one in Boston: Gabrielle Agachiko.  Yes! by Agachiko is Linda Yohn's 89.1 Jazz premiere today.