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The State of Michigan’s highly anticipated gay marriage trial began late February in Detroit, where a Federal judge will hear the pros and cons of raising children in same-sex families and rule on the definition of marriage in Michigan. Updates will be posted as they become available.

EMU LGBT Resource Center Director Optimistic about Gay Marriage Trial Outcome


The end is near for the trial involving a Hazel Park couple who want Michigan's ban on gay marriage overturned, but the issue itself is far from being settled.
That's according to Mary Larkin, who directs Eastern Michigan University's LGBT Resource Center.  She says even if the judge rules in the couple's favor, there will be appeals and other delays.

Still, she says it wouldn't necessarily be bad for Michigan to have the case reach the U-S Supreme Court. Larkin adds that of all the similar cases being heard across the country, it would be exciting for Michigan's case to be the one the nation's highest court hears.

Larkin says she's optimistic about the outcome of the case involving Jayne Rouse and April DeBoer, but worries supporters of gay marriage might become discouraged when they see that the trial doesn't result in a quick resolution of the issue. 


She says she plans to be in the courtroom tomorrow for closing arguments.

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