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U-of-M Health Expert Warns Of Dangers Of E-Cigarettes

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State legislators and the federal government are moving toward regulation of electronic cigarettes, and a local health expert says it's important to know the potential dangers of "vaping".

E-cigarettes heat up liquid nicotine to create the vapor that's inhaled. 

University of Michigan dietician Sue Ryskamp says liquid nicotine can be harmful.

"If it comes out too quickly it can result in acute nicotine toxicity, from either the direct skin contact, eye exposure, ingestion or inhalation," Ryskamp says.

Ryskamp says a recent CDC report shows nicotine-related calls to poison centers climbed from about one per month in 2010 to around 215 in February of this year. 

She says teen use of e-cigs has skyrocketed, with companies marketing the devices with a variety of attractive colors and flavors.