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Public Meeting To Focus On Local Heroin Problem


Heroin use is rampant in Washtenaw County. The Ann Arbor Library has become a destination site for users. Overdoses are more frequent, and some of our young people are dying. A public meeting in Saline tonight aims to rally volunteers and provide information on the local war on heroin abuse.

The meeting is organized by Kimberly Ray. the Saline woman's son died of a heroin overdose in December. Now, she's creating a group called, " The Heroin War." 

Ray says the group will raise awareness about heroin use and give parents the information that may spare them similar heartbreak.  

"The Heroin War" has a website underdevelopment that, once up and running, will serve as resource for the community in better understanding and dealing with the heroin problem.

The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. tonight at Keystone Community Church in Saline.