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What Makes A Business Bicycle Friendly?

City of Ypsilanti Non Motorized Advisory Committee

Ypsilanti's Non-Motorized Advisory Committee wants to know how residents would define a "bicycle-friendly" business.


It's part of the process of developing a bike friendly business program, where businesses that cater to bike riders and employees who ride bikes to work would get a sticker to put on their store window and be listed on several related websites. 

Committee chair Bob Krzewinski says it's all about making Ypsilanti a more bike and pedestrian-friendly community.

"We have an application in right now with the League of American Bicyclists for making Ypsilanti a bike-friendly community," Krzewinski says.  "We'll have one in shortly for making this a walk-friendly community, also. And we're extending that out a little bit to try and get businesses into the program, to come up with a bike-friendly businesses situation."

Krzewinski says being recognized as bicycle-friendly would help businesses attract more customers. 

He says the Non-Motorized Advisory Committee will be seeking support for the bike-friendly program from organizations involved in development of Ypsilanti's downtown.

Offer your thoughts on what makes a business bike-friendly on the committee's Facebook page.