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Irwin Proposes Pesticide Ban At Schools, Day Care Centers


Schools and day care centers are supposed to be safe, nurturing places where kids can learn and grow, but  a local state representative is worried about a danger that's lurking right under our kids' feet.


Democrat Jeff Irwin of Ann Arbor wants to ban the use of pesticides at schools and day care facilities. 

State law requires schools and day care centers to let parents know when they're going to spray pesticides on their property, but Irwin says his bill  takes protection of our children a step further. 

He says spray pesticides can waft around and affect nearby properties, and those little warning flags may or may not stay in place.

"And particularly around a schoolyard or day care center where you have lots of little children, they might be likely to pick up those flags and run around with them like a toy," Irwin says.  "I know that my little kids have been intrigued by the utility 'miss dig' flags and the pesticide application flags in the past."

Irwin says there are safer pest-control alternatives than using toxic chemicals that can cause cancer, birth defects and other health problems.