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Veterans For Peace Remembers Fallen Michigan Military Members

Veterans for Peace Chapter 93 Tuesday held its annual Arlington Michigan ceremony and display at Veterans Memorial Park in Ann Arbor.

226 white crosses were erected, each representing a Michigan military member who was killed in Iraq or Afghanistan. 

On each cross:  a small photo, along with information about the service member and details about how and where they were killed. 

Vietnam vet Mike Muha is a member of Veterans for Peace Chapter 93.  He says the display reminds us of the cost of war.

"People that have been killed, plus the ones that have been injured and have to live with it the rest of their lives," Muha says, "plus the cost to the civilians in the countries we're at war at, and the environment also, the effects of it.  There's a lot of things that aren't good about war."

As someone who has seen war first-hand, Muha says it's important to try to impress upon those who have been spared the horrors of the battlefield how much is lost there.

"We're trying to get the ideas across that we should really, really consider what the costs are of war, and look for alternatives.  It's totally the last resort."

At the Ann Arbor VA Healthcare System, a new website was unveiled on Veterans Day that features submitted photos of area veterans. 

A kiosk where visitors to the center can view the pictures is being set up, as well.