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Don't Buy Bottled Water: Keeping Ann Arbor Debris-Free During The Art Fair

Tens of thousands of people are coming from across the country to visit Ann Arbor's annual Art Fairs. And while most fair-goers are interested in seeing what sort of artwork and other items people have brought with them, there's another issue at hand once it all wraps up.

When most people think of the Ann Arbor Art Fair, 'trash' usually isn't the first thing that comes to mind. But that's exactly what city officials are thinking about as tens of thousands of people visit downtown Ann Arbor. The city has placed trash cans, recycle bins, dumpsters and waste boxes throughout the fair, but it's also seeking the public's help to keep Ann Arbor clean. City of Ann Arbor Communication specialist, Robert Keller brought to light one of the biggest things people can do  to keep the city clean, is to not buy bottled water at the fair.
Keller explains that they would love to make the art fair a zero waste event, they simply don't have the resources and logistics necessary to make it one.
Additionally, Keller says, making sure trash is properly disposed of, one of the easiest ways people can help keep the city clean is to bring their own re-usable water bottle instead of buying one at the fair. 
Editors note:
Keeping the city clean during  (and after) the Art Fair isn't something anyone can do on their own, but it's as simple as being a good neighbor. Do your part to pitch in to keep our community green.

Patrik is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University and functions as the New Media/Social Media manager for 89.1 WEMU.
Taylor Pinson is a former WEMU news reporter and engineer.
Taylor Pinson is a former WEMU news reporter and engineer.