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Meet The Staff - Michael Jewett

When you listen to WEMU, you spend time with the great people that work on and off the air.  And, when you support WEMU, you help keep them moving forward.  We will be spending some time with several of the people that make WEMU "go" over the next couple of weeks.  Today we're chatting with the man behind "Bluestime," Michael Jewett.

What is your current position at WEMU - I host a daily music program: 89.1 Jazz and Blues Time. 

Where is your hometown - I'm lifelong resident of the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area. My first home was married student housing here on EMU's campus. I grew up in Ann Arbor. I've worked almost all my adult life in Ypsi where I've lived off & on for about twenty years. 

  What college(s) did you attend -  I've attended EMU and WCC. I majored in African American Studies.

What are your favorite WEMU shows - All Things Considered has been a main source of news for decades. I listen everyday. I love all the music programs. I especially appreciate Roots Music Project. I know only so much about country, folk, roots music....all the stuff Jeremy plays. So, listening to the RMP is a real discovery for me.

How did WEMU "hook" you - I loved the jazz sound of the station. I was a listener for a couple of couple of years before I started working here.

What are your daily duties at WEMU - I host the on-air show and  spend a fair amount of time selecting music and planning shows. I record many of the program promos you hear (tagging spots as it's called). I audition most of the blues CD's WEMU plays.

Where are your favorite eating spots - We like Pita Pita for Middle Eastern food. I have tacos at least once a week at La Torre (little place on Washtenaw). The Bomber Restaurant is my spot for a big breakfast. 

  Do you have a song stuck in your head - Today it's a rocker by Los Lobos "Shakin' Shakin' Shakes". I listen to a lot of soul, rhythm and blues, and rock while driving. I was on a Beatles kick last week (I'm a bigger Stones fan though). I've been playing a Tyrone Davis compilation I got recently.

What is an album that everyone should hear - I try to never force my tastes on anyone. It's a waste of time & energy. Having said that....The J.B. Lenoir set titled Vietnam Blues might surprise people. He was a unique performer and blues songwriter. 

Where are your favorite shopping spots - A comic shop! I'm a regular at Vault Of Midnight in A2 and Fun 4 All in Ypsilanti.  I have too many comics. But, I still want more!

What are your favorite vacation destinations - Hmmm? I almost never take trips. I do have nice memories of trips to the U.P.; to Maine; and to Charleston S.C. 

Whom do you follow on social media - I refuse to join Twitter on account of the activity termed "tweeting". That, and I don't own a smart phone.  I'm active on Facebook. Mostly just to follow music, comics and geek stuff. 

What was the last movie you saw - Deadpool. Which I didn't enjoy much. 

Please share a memorable WEMU moment - LANGUAGE ADVISORY...."Play some Sonny Stitt mother$#@!&!"   This was years ago. It's rare I get a complaint on a piece of music. But, I always remember this cat that called and screamed his dissatisfaction at what I had on the air. I promptly played some Sonny Stitt. 

Why do you love public radio - For a good long while, it was the only place to hear great Jazz & Blues.