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Meet The Staff - Lisa Barry


Every afternoon you rely on WEMU to get you news, traffic, weather and more. We entertain you, inform you, and make you laugh. When you support WEMU, you fund the hard work that goes into making all of that possible. We will be spending some time with several of the people that make WEMU "go" over the next couple of weeks.  Today we sit down with our newest on-air host, radio veteran, Lisa Barry.

What is your current position at WEMU - I am the local host of NPR's All Things Considered.

Where is your hometown - Born and raised in Livonia, Michigan.

What are your favorite WEMU shows - I cannot say I have a favorite WEMU Show...I LOVE them all!



  What college(s) did you attend -  Graduated from Olivet College where I had a singing scholarship! And I was the first female station manager of the campus radio station WOCR. Majored in Communications Mass Media with a minor in Interpersonal Communications.


Why did you come to WEMU - I was drawn to WEMU because it is one of the last places where community radio exists.  I am very fond of Washtenaw County and the bright, creative people who live here and the diverse culture and activities that are available.  I love jazz, so that is a bonus to be able to sit in the newsroom and listen to some incredible music while I work on feature stories, set up special local interviews and put together the day's news to share during All Things Considered.


What are your daily duties at WEMU - Every day at work I try to be as informed as possible on the latest news and happenings in Washtenaw County to make sure our listeners are well informed.  I try to connect with as many people in the community as possible in hopes of sharing their story with listeners and improving their lives.  I like knowing I am helping people with accurate up to the minute traffic and weather information and put a lot of energy in to making that happen.  Then I try to present the information on the air in a friendly, down to earth manner so we all have the feeling we are in this together. 

Where are your favorite eating spots - It is difficult to choose my favorite place to eat because there are so many choices!  I had dinner the other night at the Tower Inn in Ypsilanti and feel like they have a wide variety of yummy choices.  I'm a big fan of Sava on State in Ann Arbor.  Nachos and craft beer are always a favorite choice at Wolverine State Brewing Company and of course there is Zingerman's and Afternoon Delight in Ann Arbor.  I could go on and on and there are many places I am still looking forward to trying!

What is an album that everyone should hear - My "go to" album of classic, life enhancing music would be something by Stevie Wonder, such as "Songs in the Key of Life"

  Do you have a song stuck in your head - The one song stuck in my head is "Golden Lady" by Robert Glasper.  I heard Michael Jewett play a song by him on WEMU and listen to it almost every day!

Where are your favorite shopping spots - My favorite place to shop is the Nordstrom Rack.  And several of the unique stores in downtown Ann Arbor including Rock, Paper, Scissors and Downtown Home and Garden.

What are your favorite vacation destinations - My favorite vacation destination is Bay Harbor Michigan.  I have been staying at the "Inn at Bay Harbor" which is on the shore of Lake Michigan and so peaceful and beautiful, for many years.  (I have hundreds of sunset pictures I'd love to share, or videos of the waves!)  When people ask what I do there, I say "stare at the lake!" (and possibly drink wine :)  and collect rocks.  There are lots of Petoskey stones and crystals on the beach there and I like to look at them and think about all the history they represent.  


Whom do you follow on social media - My favorite person to follow on Twitter is Deepak Chopra, Ralph Marston and the National weather service!

What was the last movie you saw - The last film I saw was "Hail, Caesar!"   

WEMU's Lisa Barry hanging out with local artist David Zinn.

  Please share a memorable WEMU moment - I don't know if I can pick a "most" memorable moment at WEMU because I feel there have been many special moments. I loved interviewing David Zinn and having him tell me I asked questions that no one has ever asked him before. I love hearing music and being introduced to songs and jazz artists that move me deeply. I enjoy having conversations with my colleagues about news, and life and radio.

Why do you love public radio - I love public radio because of all the great information and entertainment it brings to people's lives.

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— Lisa Barry is the host of All Things Considered on WEMU.  You can contact Lisa at734.487.3363, on Twitter @LisaWEMU, or email her at lbarryma@emich.edu