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A Message From The Station Manager

Dear WEMU Listeners, Donors, and Friends:

A huge THANK YOU to the thousands of you who donated to WEMU over the past fiscal year.  Thanks to you, we met and exceeded our annual financial goal.

When the pandemic hit so much happened so fast we could barely keep up with it.  Situations and conditions changed by the hour and our team was overwhelmed keeping up with coverage and programming.  We postponed the on-air fundraiser because we had to stay on top of the news.  It just wasn’t the time to cover programming.

So, we postponed the spring on-air fundraiser.  And when it became apparent that we were in this for the long haul, we canceled it.  Then we canceled our summer on-air fundraiser.  We couldn’t guarantee the safety of our volunteers or guests and there was just too much happening in our community, our country, and the world to cover air time with anything but regular programming.

So, we didn’t.  Instead we asked online, we asked on social media, and we asked quickly and quietly on-air. 

And you came through.  We could not be more grateful.

But things are not back to normal, nor do we know when or if they ever will be.  #teamwemu will continue to serve the community with news, information, and music to sooth and inspire.   Despite layoffs, furloughs, and budget and salary reductions we have stayed on the job.  You and your fellow listeners can make sure that WEMU stays strong by giving anytime, using one of the following methods:

  1. An individual gift in the amount of your choice at wemu.org
  2. An individual gift through a donor-advised fund.  Please consult with your financial advisor on the best way to do this.
  3. Corporate support through an on-air underwriting schedule.See more here.
  4. A gift through a non-profit foundation.
  5. A gift of stock.  The EMU Foundation will help arrange this.
  6. Donating a car or other vehicle through the car donation program at wemu.org
  7. A planned gift or bequest through the EMU Foundation.  WEMU currently has over $300,000 in planned gifts through the EMU Foundation.  This can also be done through your personal attorney.
  8. A major gift of $10,000 or more.  WEMU has opportunities for naming rights and other incentives for major donors.

Your choice to support WEMU means we will continue to be partners in the community and to the community.

Please make your gift today and know just how much you matter to #teamwemu.  Together, we will get through these uncertain times and emerge stronger than ever.

Thank you,

Molly Motherwell, GM

Mary Motherwell, known as Molly, joined the WEMU staff in November of 1991 as Marketing and Development Director after stints in public relations at Domino’s Pizza International, and as an account executive first at the old Ypsilanti Press and then the former WIQB-FM. In December 2010, upon his retirement, she succeeded Arthur Timko as General Manager, only the third GM in WEMU’s 57 year history.