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Issues Of The Environment: Battery Recycling And Its Impact On The Environment

battery recycling
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Recycling batteries aren't always as easy as you might think. All too many end up in our landfills, and have the potential to cause serious environmental damage. In this week's installment of Issues of the Environment, you'll learn the environmental issues, the barriers to better recycling and what you can do about it.  


*   Washtenaw Countyresidents have limited options for recycling household alkaline batteries

  *   Recently Recycle Ann Arbor stopped collecting alkaline batteries, saying they are not hazardous.

  *   While battery recycling is possible for Washtenaw County residents, it comes down to the efforts you’re willing to take, as large-scale collection has not been cost effective.

  *   Jeremy Sova, VP Business Development for Battery Solution LLC, says that virtually all batteries are recyclable and contain components that can be re-used, but right now consumers bear the burden of getting them to his facility or to collection events like the Household Hazardous Waste collection days held on Zeeb Rd. in Ann Arbor.

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