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Issues of the Environment

  • Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner Evan Pratt.
    Washtenaw County
    They say, “It takes a village.” Usually, it references the process of raising a child, but it also applies when talking about protecting and stewarding a watershed. Keeping the waters in Washtenaw County clean and safe is quite an undertaking, and it takes a variety of community organizations and volunteers to be effective. WEMU's David Fair is joined by Washtenaw County Water Resources Commission Evan Pratt to discuss the Michigan Clean Water Corps and others that contribute to improving the health and safety of our local waters.
  • Theo Eggermont, director of Washtenaw County Public Works
    Daniel Carlson
    Carlson Photography
    Without thinking about it too much, we tend to accumulate a good amount of toxic chemicals in homes—cleaning products, batteries, gas and oil...all sorts of things. If improperly thrown away, these are all materials that can dramatically harm the environment, wildlife and human beings. That’s why there is an expanding home toxics disposal program in Washtenaw County. Learn all about it when WEMU's David Fair speaks to Washtenaw County Public Works Manager, Theo Eggermont.