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Issues of the Environment

  • Doug Reith.jpg
    Washtenaw County Conservation District
    Washtenaw County is chock-full of non-native, invasive, plant species. In many cases, they pose a threat to native species and the health of the habitat that supports our wildlife and pollinators. There are also human implications. WEMU's David Fair discussed the progress being made toward local habitat restoration and expanding efforts to reintroduce native plant species with Doug Reith from the Washtenaw County Conservation District.
  • Rebecca Esselman
    Huron River Watershed Council
    We are moving closer to the day when the defunct Peninsular Paper Dam will be removed from the Huron River. The plan has been in the works for some time, while plans continue to preserve an historic Ypsilanti building and create a public gathering space. Huron River Watershed Council executive director, Rebecca Esselman, joined WEMU's David Fair to discuss progress and next steps on dam removal and the restoration of natural flow in that part of the river.