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Ebola Travel Ban Supported By Land, Peters

Michigan Public Radio Network

Land and Peters agree: U.S. should consider travel ban to prevent Ebola outbreak

The Republican and Democratic candidates for Michigan’s open U.S. Senate seat both say they would consider banning travel to and from countries experiencing Ebola outbreaks.

The first case of Ebola in the U.S. was recently confirmed by health officials in Texas. The man had come into contact with the virus in Liberia before traveling to the U.S.

During the first extensive interview of her campaign, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Terri Lynn Land said it is time for the federal government to consider at a travel ban.

“I think we need to look at a travel ban or travel restrictions, at least, to make that we do not have any more cases coming to the United States,” Land said on Friday during her appearance on the Michigan Public Radio program “Michigan Calling.”

She also said Washington should provide more assistance to nations trying to fight the virus.

In a statement to Michigan Public Radio later on Friday, the campaign for Land’s Democratic opponent Gary Peters said he “strongly supports” ramping up airline screenings and imposing a temporary travel ban.

“Gary believes that Ebola is a serious international health crisis and that's why he voted for bipartisan efforts to increase support for the (Centers for Disease Control) to fight the spread of the disease,” said Peters’ campaign spokesperson Haley Morris.

“Gary believes we should do everything necessary to protect the safety and health of Michigan families. He supports aggressively ramping up airline screenings across the board to prevent the spread of the disease and a temporary flight ban from countries with uncontrolled outbreaks. Gary will continue to monitor the situation closely and seek guidance from the CDC and other world international health experts.”

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other public health experts say there is little chance of an outbreak of Ebola in the U.S. They are not recommending any travel restrictions or bans right now.