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Legislation To Clarify 'Gag Order' Law Passes State House

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The state House has approved a bill meant to clarify a controversial new law limiting what local officials can say publicly about ballot questions. 

Civic and local school officials say the law imposes a “gag order” – making it illegal for them to give factual information on ballot proposals.   

State RepresentativeLisaPosthumusLyons (R-Alto) says her bill makes it clear that local officials can give information as long as it’s factual and neutral.

“The bill continues to protect taxpayers and makes sure that they are not funding political campaigns.”

Democrats and local leaders say the legislation is still too vague and would lead to lawsuits.  The legislation now goes to the state Senate.  

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— Jake Neher is the State Capitol Reporter for the Michigan Public Radio network.  Contact WEMU News at734.487.3363 or email us at

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