Diba Mohtasham


Let's face it. It's been a long few months without get-togethers because of the coronavirus. And while things aren't completely back to normal, people are starting to host gatherings again. But maybe your hosting skills are a little rusty. So let's assume you've worked out your guests' vaccination status and such, and you've got the logistics of organizing down. For NPR's Life Kit, Diba Mohtasham explores how to host meaningful, memorable gatherings.

DIBA MOHTASHAM, BYLINE: Hosting can be stressful, but it doesn't need to be.

Colette Baptiste-Mombo, a television engineer and community organizer, was born in 1958, at the height of the civil rights movement.

Baptiste-Mombo's parents came from different immigrant backgrounds — while her mother was from northern England and immigrated to the U.S. from Wales, her father was born in the Bronx. His family was from Jamaica.

While Baptiste-Mombo was growing up in New York City, African Americans across the country were fighting to end racial discrimination.

On June 7, 2021, a Supreme Court ruling found that many TPS holders are ineligible to apply for permanent residency.

César Magaña Linares is a committed immigration activist, whether he's attending rallies or in his law school classes studying to become an immigration lawyer.