Art & Soul: The Art Of Well Being - The 'Diamond Approach' Path To Inner Discovery

Feb 18, 2021

The Diamond Approach Path
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There are many different ways to approach well being and living a mindful, well-balanced life.  The Diamond Approach is one of those ways that helps you connect with your true nature.  WEMU's Lisa Barry talks with Lou Weir, an Ann Arbor teacher of the Diamond Approach, about the personal practice designed to connect us with our more authentic, essential selves.

Lou Weir of Ann Arbor says he became interested in the Diamond Approach initially because he had a sense that there had to be more to him than he was experiencing.  He sensed there was a place that was more free and more open--more himself.  

Lou Weir
Credit Lou Weir / The Diamond Approach

Weir says, over time, we start to lose our direct connections to the innocent qualities we have when first born, including love.  As we age, we develop more of an egotistic sense, which can seem less authentic for some people.  The Diamond Approach, according to Weir, is intended to reconnect us with "the essential nature of who we really are."  

He says the Diamond Approach really resonated with him and believes it appeals to people who want to understand more about life more deeply.  It's centered around embodying the sense of who you are and who you are not, and he says it does not involve any required beliefs or sacrifices and allows those who participate to start right where they are.

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