Art & Soul: Helping Artists In The Community Express Themselves In Non-Artistic Ways

Mar 10, 2016

This month on Art and Soul, we focus on the visual arts with Omari Rush, the Director of Community Education for the Ann Arbor Art Center:

There is an event coming up at the Ann Arbor Art center on March 23rd in which they will bring artists together and try to help them develop themselves as professionals by teaching them how to put their work and philosophy into writing. A  training session which will help artists learn about submitting proposals or getting people to understand their work better.

The 117 Gallery hosts the Never Not Broken art show. It will feature tequila as a refreshment in its opener and will run from March 11th to March 26th.

Ypsilanti will have a new art space called Ypsilanti Experimental Space within the next few months. It will be on Washington Street and the crew features Donald Harrison and Mark Tucker.

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