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EMU Grad Is Thankful For Family's Safety After Attacks in Brussels

Mar 24, 2016

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An Eastern Michigan University graduate is thankful his family is safe after Tuesday's violence in Belgium.


Gilles Renard has been in the U.S. for nine years, but most of his family lives in Belgium. He's glad to see his country pulling together after the attacks on Tuesday. “It’s a terrible thing. It’s [the attacks] something we are not used to in Belgium. We didn’t move into anger as a reaction to the attacks,” he says.

Renard says it was difficult to watch video of the aftermath of the bombings.


“Seeing the image, especially of the airport, which is a place I’ve been many times. I could recognize the entry, the main check-in zone...recognizing those places really hit home.”

His family and friends were not injured.

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