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Jeff Daniels urges responsibility at Chelsea meeting

Mar 14, 2014

Lyndon Township’s planning commission isn’t expected to make a decision on a special land use permit for a sand and gravel mining operation until this summer.  About 30 people spoke out against the proposal as a public hearing wrapped up Thursday night.

Signs along Main Street in Chelsea are urging Lyndon Township officials to reject the proposed sand and gravel operations. Up to 160 gravel haulers a day could pass these locations.
Credit Andrew Cluley / 89.1 WEMU

Concerns ranged from lower property values, to safety issues, to environmental concerns.  Even actor Jeff Daniels spoke out against the proposal.  He says his father wouldn’t move forward with ideas for his lumber company if they hurt the community, and thinks the planning commission should use the same approach when considering this plan.

Tim Forell of Forenergy is a consultant for McCoig Materials and says they want to work with the community.  He says they are working on a traffic study and will also do further hydrology testing. 

Planning Commission Chair Kevin McLughlin says they have a lot to consider.  He says many of the comments were redundant but he did fill three pages of notes from the public comments. 

The Planning commission will submit written questions to McCoig Materials representatives within two weeks, who will then have a couple of weeks to respond.  Consultants for the township will then review that information and written comments from the public. 

This is the site of the proposed sand and gravel mining operation.

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The issue will be on the Lyndon Township Planning Commission’s agenda in May, when commission members will be able to ask McCoig representatives questions in person.  A decision isn’t expected that night however.

WEMU's coverage of the public hearing held on the issue last month can be found here.

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