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Rise To The Challenge And Shrink WEMU's Pledge Drive

Apr 16, 2015

It's fundraising time at WEMU and we are asking you to rise to the challenge and help shrink WEMU's pledge drive.  Our goal this spring is $200,000 and here's the deal.  As soon as we reach the midpoint of $100,000 we will stop fundraising until Monday morning.   Just stop entirely.

Shrink the WEMU Pledge Drive! | Create infographics

Halfway There

And even better, a dedicated group of WEMU donors have already gotten us halfway there! In honor of our 50th anniversary this year, we challenged a group of community champions to give $50,000 before the pledge drive even began.  They did -- and even went a little bit over.  So now we only need $48,500 to get to $100,000 - and the minute we get there we will stop fundraising entirely until Monday morning.

Uninterrupted Programming

Think of it.  A chance to hear This American Life, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, and our wonderful local weekend programs uncut.  No pitch breaks.  No interruptions.  Just the great weekend programming that you love. 

It can happen today, tomorrow, or any time this weekend.  But it can't happen without you.  Please make your gift of support today and help shrink the pledge drive.  Give $50 and get our beautiful 50th anniversary commemorative tile.

 Give $250 and attend an elegant jazz brunch at EMU's University House, featuring the trio of Dobbins, Krahnke, and Weed.  Whatever amount fits your budget.  But please give now and help us get this first $100,000 in record time.  We're counting on you.

Molly Motherwell

General Manager and Sustaining Donor