The State Of Politics: Ann Arbor Schools At State Supreme Court, 'Line 5' And Nestle Water Policy

Apr 13, 2018

Rick Pluta, managing editor and state Capitol bureau chief of the Michigan Public Radio Network

For more than two decades, Rick Pluta has been covering Michigan politics in Lansing as chief correspondent for the Michigan Public Radio Network.  He has his finger on the pulse of what is happening at levels of state government.  Now, he'll regularly share his expertise with you in 89.1 WEMU's new feature, 'The State of Politics." 

What is happening in the world of Lansing politics?  The Michigan Supreme Court heard initial arguments in a case that will ultimately determine of the Ann Arbor Public Schools, and all other districts in the state, may enact policies banning all guns in schools. Rick notes that to get a handle on where the case may be headed, you have to listen closely to the questions put forth by the justices.

Earlier this week, it was determined that the oil and gas pipelines running through the Straits of Mackinac were damaged by a passing ship.  A spill into the waterway connecting Lakes Michigan and Huron would be disastrous.  Lawmakers in Lansing are taking note and reacting in rather bi-partisan fashion.

That is not the case when it comes to large-scale water withdrawals from the Great Lakes Basin.  Political positioning appears to be divided along party lines following approval of a permit allowing Nestle to extract more groundwater in Michigan for its 'Ice Mountain' bottled water brand. 

WEMU's David Fair and MPRN's Rick Pluta discuss all of these issues and in this week's, "The State of Politics." 

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