What Do You Get When You Cross A Submarine Sandwich With A Cupcake?

Aug 3, 2015

You get a business deal with the Tubby Submarine sandwich company buying the Livonia based "Just Baked" cupcake maker.  Terms of the deal were not disclosed, though several "Just Baked" franchises including the one in Ann Arbor are not part of the deal.  

Metro Detroit based Tubby's is anxious to have desserts to offer, as it will begin selling Just Baked cupcakes in all it's sandwich shops.  A statement from Tubby's said this is a great story involving two innovative Michigan companies.

"The Tubby's brand is a 'Detroit Original,' known throughout Michigan for its freshness and quality products.  We were grilling subs long before warm sandwiches became a national trend," said Paganes, who has been with the company since its founding in 1968. "Just Baked shares a similar reputation and is also a metro Detroit-based company."

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