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Highlights from the community and campus of Eastern Michigan University

Eastern Michigan University
Eastern Michigan University / today.emich.edu

The demand for civil engineers in Michigan has risen in the last few years.  In response to this trend, the Eastern Michigan University Board of Regents approved a new Bachelor of Science program in civil engineering.  In this week's "Focus on EMU," WEMU's Patrick Campion speaks to Dr. Mohamed Qatu, dean of EMU's College of Engineering and Technology, about what this new program has to offer.

Focus On EMU: EMUiNVENT Young Inventors' Competition

Feb 28, 2020
Eastern Michigan University
Eastern Michigan University College of Business / emich.edu

When looking at the world, new ideas always come along, especially for young people.  A special event called "EMUiNVENT" will give K-12 students the opportunity to present their creative ideas to experts and turn them into functioning products.  EMU marketing professor Shiri Vivek gives more details on the event for this week's "Focus on EMU" hosted by WEMU's Patrick Campion.

Lisa Barry

On this edition of "Focus On EMU," guest host Lisa Barry sits down with Professor Harry Bowen, the announcer for the Eagles Marching Band, for a thoughtful conversation.

Focus On EMU: International Education Week

Nov 18, 2019

Host Patrick Campion sits down with Interim Director of the Department of World Languages Jeff Popko, and Dr. Vesna Kondric, to discuss the upcoming International Education Week — an annual event put on by the Department of State.

Focus On EMU: Disability Arts And Culture Symposium

Nov 12, 2019
Disability Arts and Culture Symposium

This week, host Patrick Campion sits down with Beth Currans and Alaina Stuard from the Women's and Gender Studies Department to discuss the upcoming Disability Arts and Culture Symposium, and a new minor (Critical Disabilities Studies) being offered here at EMU.

Focus On EMU: Center for Digital Engagement

Nov 2, 2019
The Center for Digital Engagement

On this edition of "Focus On EMU," Bud Gibson, the Director of the Center for Digital Engagement, stops by to chat with host Patrick Campion.  Together, they discuss the need for a Digital Marketing Workshop and how the annual event benefits all SE Michigan entrepreneurs.

Focus On EMU: Digital Divas

Oct 26, 2019
Digital Divas

Only 26% of STEM workers are women, and in response, the "Digital Divas" were born.  Now the program is trying to reach High School and Middle School aged girls in order to better prepare young women for careers in STEM.  Host Patrick Campion sits down with Program Director Bia Hamed and two volunteers from Ford Labs & TD Ameritrade on this week's episode of "Focus On EMU."

Focus On EMU: "Everybody's A Writer"

Oct 19, 2019

This week on "Focus On EMU," we discuss the new community writing initiative called YpsiWrites.  Host Patrick Campion sits down with Cathy Fleischer, an English professor, and Director of the Office of Campus and Community Writing Ann Blakeslee.

Focus On EMU: Mark Jefferson Versailles Symposium

Oct 12, 2019
EMU Today

On this week's episode of  "Focus On EMU," host Patrick Campion conversates with Dept. Head of Geography and Geology, Dr. Rick Sambrook, and EMU Archivist Alexis Braun Marks. They discuss the life, career, and legacy of Mark Jefferson ⁠— including his crucial role in the Versailles Peace Conference of 1919, which marked the end of WWI.

Focus On EMU: Diversity Campus Climate Assessment

Oct 5, 2019
EMU - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

On this week's "Focus On EMU," host Patrick Campion sits down with Dr. Ronald Woods, DCCAC Chair Dibya Choudhuri, and Student Body President Ethan Smith to talk about Diversity in Action, the campus wide assesment conducted by the Diversity Campus Climate Assessment Committee (DCCAC). 

Focus On EMU: Meet the Band, Director

Sep 21, 2019
EMU Today

Host Patrick Campion is speaking with Dr. Chandler Wilson, the new director of EMU's marching band. The two talk about Wilson's path to Eastern Michigan, the band’s recent stint at Ford Field during the half time of the Lions' season opener, and much more on the latest "Focus On EMU."

Focus On EMU: Student Body President Ethan Smith

Sep 14, 2019
Ethan Smith

On this edition of "Focus On EMU," host Patrick Campion sits down with newly minted student body president Ethan Smith.  Together, they discuss a variety of issues facing Eastern's students, and how this administration intends to tackle them.

Dr. James Smith, President of Eastern Michigan University, speaks with Patrick Campion about the new school year, new buildings and projects in and around campus, and what students will see and hear as they come back to EMU or come to EMU for the first time.

Focus On EMU: Be Careful With "The" Words You Choose

Aug 9, 2019
Eric Acton

How conscious are you of your everyday vernacular?  Furthermore, what do the words we say, say about us?  Host Patrick Campion sits down with Dr. Eric Acton to discuss Acton's thought-provoking research on the use of the word 'the,' and its potential to show political bias, on this episode of "Focus on EMU." 

Focus On EMU: The Dangerous Rise Of Native Advertising

Jul 31, 2019
You Li

With the ever-changing modern media landscape we have seen the rise of a 21st century phenomenon: native advertising.  It has been used to supplement lost revenue streams for cash strapped media companies.  Host Patrick Campion sits down with Dr. You Li of Eastern Michigan University's Journalism Department to talk about her recently published study where she looked at hundreds of examples of native advertising in digital media.  Together, they discuss the effect it has on consumers, on the newsroom, and on journalism as a whole in this edition of "Focus on EMU."


James Smith
Eastern Michigan University / emich.edu

Teachers are an essential part of a child's development.  This week, the country takes time to recognize their contributions to today's youth.  WEMU's Patrick Campion and Eastern Michigan University president Dr. James Smith talk about what this special week means to the University in this edition of "Focus on EMU."

Eastern Michigan University / Eastern Michigan University

Eastern Michigan University's SisterHOOD Scholars program is "a first-year student experience designed to increase retention and graduation rates for students who identify as Women of Color."  They are currently recruiting new students for their Fall 2019 cohort; WEMU's Patrick Campion sat down with Abby Davis, Project Coordinator, to discuss why this program exists and how it benefits our community.  

Eastern Michigan University

Eastern Michigan University's "Digital Divas" event returns to the EMU campus Friday, 04/12/2019.  Patrick Campion sat down with Bia Hamed, event coordinator, to talk about the history of the event, its impacts on our community, and why EMU and its partners believe this work is so important.  

Eastern Michigan University
Eastern Michigan University / emich.edu

EMU anthropology professor Megan Moore recently did research on Casimir Pulaski, a Revolutionary War general who may have actually been a woman.  Now, her work will presented on an episode of "America's Hidden Stories" on the Smithsonian Channel.  Dr. Moore talks about her work, as well as a special screening of the episode, with WEMU's Patrick Campion on this week's "Focus on EMU."

Focus On EMU: 2019 Undergraduate Symposium

Mar 22, 2019
Eastern Michigan University
Eastern Michigan University / emich.edu

The Eastern Michigan University Undergraduate Symposium, which showcases the incredible research projects of EMU's students, is just around the corner.  WEMU's Patrick Campion hears about what to expect this year from the Symposium's assistant coordinator, Amy Bearinger, in this week's "Focus on EMU."

Focus On EMU: New Eating Disorders Treatment Options

Feb 22, 2019
Eagle Nutrition Services
Eastern Michigan University / emich.edu

Eastern Michigan University's Eagle Nutrition Services department recently announced a new offering to our community.  They are working with EMU's Psychology Department to help those in our community that may need assistance with eating disorders, or anyone that wants a whole mind and body program to work towards losing weight, making better nutrition choices, etc.  Patrick Campion sat down with Darlene Bellers, Manager of Eagle Nutrition Services, Psychology PhD students and their faculty advisor to discuss why they feel these offerings are important and why they are excited to help our community on a path towards better health.  

Focus on EMU: Gift Of Life Campus Challenge

Feb 8, 2019
HASO / Eastern Michigan University

Eastern Michigan University's Health Administration Student Organization is urging you to "give the gift of life."  EMU is again participating in the Gift of Life Michigan Campus Challenge, "During the five-week Gift of Life Michigan Campus Challenge, colleges and universities compete to see which school can sign up the most people to donate life."  Patrick Campion sat down with Earlene Stone, President of HASO, to talk about organ donation, the competition, and how exactly you inspire college students to discuss this difficult subject.  

Eastern Michigan University / emich.edu

Stories of sexual harassment and assault have dominated the media recently.  EMU sociology professor Roger Kernsmith and his colleagues wanted to learn more on this phemonenon by developing a campus-wide survey for students asking about their thoughts on the University's sexual misconduct culture.  Kernsmith talks all about his project with WEMU's Patrick Campion on this week's "Focus on EMU."

Focus on EMU: Athletics' Championship Building Plan

Jan 9, 2019
Eastern Michigan University

Patrick Campion sat down with Eastern Michigan University's Vice President and Director of Athletics, Scott Wetherbee, to talk about the current state of the Championship Building Plan, Athletics funding, and how they are moving forward without the $6 million gift announced by his predecessor, Heather Lyke.