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Rylee Barnsdale

  • The University Musical Society, or UMS, has a new goal of engaging the Ypsilanti community in the arts in their neighborhoods. The effort will kick off with a week-long program of music, art and dance coming to Ypsilanti's Freighthouse in April. The program will be filled with singers, dancers, graffiti artists, orchestral and African-inspired music -- all with performances that encourage audience participation. WEMU's Cathy Shafran brings all of the details with Concentrate Media's Rylee Barnsdale and UMS vice president of learning and engagement Cayenne Harris.
  • The Corner Health Center in Ypsilanti has been around for some four decades, providing health care and support programs for 12-25 year-olds who may not be able to afford the services otherwise. Now, the center is adding to its services to help young dads and parents of transgender or non-binary children. WEMU's Cathy Shafran and Concentrate Media's Rylee Barnsdale bring the story of the how the Corner Health Center is expanding its offerings with the center's community outreach and health education manager, Ashley Anderson.
  • Among the eclectic growth of retail opportunities in Ypsilanti, new video and gaming stores are springing up. Three stores are now open in the Ypsilanti area focused on all things gaming, from retro video games to tabletop roleplaying books and supplies. What has drawn them to Ypsilanti? WEMU's Cathy Shafran sought out the answer to that question, and more, with Concentrate Media reporter Rylee Barnsdale and Shawn Gates, the owner of the new downtown Ypsilanti store, Wyrd Byrd.
  • In this edition of "On the Ground Ypsi," WEMU's Cathy Shafran and Concentrate Media reporter Rylee Barnsdale take a look at a new concept for youth in Ypsilanti Township. It is called a "makerspace". It is intended to give area youth a purpose and some income at the same time. They discuss the makerspace further with community activist Elisa Guyton, who has been a driving force in this project.
  • While society appears to be slowly coming out of COVID pandemic mode, the reality for many retailers is that the impact of the pandemic may be with them for a while. WEMU's Cathy Shafran and Concentrate Media reporter Rylee Barnsdale hear how Ypsilanti area businesses are working to overcome pandemic challenges. One of those business owners is Jen Eastridge, who runs Unicorn Feed & Supply, as well as Stone & Spoon, and she joins Cathy and Rylee to talk about how the pandemic affected how she ran her establishments.
  • There are some who describe Ypsilanti Township as a "food desert", where access to healthy and affordable food is difficult to those without transportation. But businesses and government officials are working to address the lack of food access in Ypsilanti Township. In today's edition of "On The Ground Ypsi," WEMU's Cathy Shafran talks with Concentrate Media Reporter Rylee Barnsdale about her site's reporting on efforts to bring fresh food opportunities closer to the community, along with one of the community members working to make this possible, 2Marines co-founder Josh McAllister.
  • The art scene in Ypsilanti’s downtown area is growing with galleries, performance venues, and artists exploring a variety of mediums. It is a growth that has captured the attention of many budding artists. WEMU’s Cathy Shafran will explore Ypsi’s growth in culture and the arts with Concentrate Media's Rylee Barnsdale, along with Liz Warren and Grey Grant from Ypsilanti's Riverside Arts Center.
  • It's not often that when we think of jellyfish that we think of them existing in fresh water. But an Eastern Michigan University biology professor and a group of her students are studying this phenomenon in various lakes across Michigan. WEMU's Cathy Shafran was joined by Concentrate Media reporter Rylee Barnsdale to discuss her article on the subject. And, they are joined by EMU biology professor Cara Shillington and EMU grad student Rachel Koski to explore the growing statewide interest in the freshwater creatures since the first report of their work was shared late last year.
  • The three-mile stretch of Washtenaw Avenue between US-23 and EMU’s water tower area has been the target of discussion for years. Now, an MDOT study on that stretch of road is taking a comprehensive look at how to fix it and also how to make it an area friendly for pedestrians and bicyclists as well. On this edition of "On the Ground Ypsi," WEMU's Cathy Shafran and Concentrate Media's Rylee Barnsdale hear from Nathan Voght, the project manager for Reimagine Washtenaw, about visions for this portion of Washtenaw Avenue that could one day make it a multi-modal corridor, rather than a pothole-laden stretch of land to maneuver around.
  • The City of Ypsilanti has a lot to celebrate in the new year. It is celebrating its 200th birthday with bicentennial activities planned throughout the year. The "On the Ground Ypsilanti" feature has been on hiatus since the untimely passing of Lisa Barry. Now, it returns with WEMU’s Cathy Shafran at the helm, once again bringing you the stories of and about the city and its residents. In the first edition of 2023, Cathy will be joined by Concentrate Media partner, Rylee Barnsdale, to discuss plans for getting the community involved in the activities. And, local historian Evan Milan will share some great Ypsi history!