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City of Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor’s city council was considering changing the city’s water rate structure but, ultimately, decided against it.  

City of Ypsilanti

Mental health and water and sewage rates were main topics of discussion during Tuesday night’s Ypsilanti city council meeting.  

City of Saline Issues Boil Water Advisory

May 16, 2018
City of Saline

The City of Saline has issued a city-wide boil water advisory.

Lake Michigan
Rachel Kramer / flickr.com

State Attorney General Bill Schuette has sent a letter to Great Lakes governors challenging a proposal to allow the Wisconsin city of Waukesha to withdraw water from Lake Michigan. 

Drinking tap water in Ann Arbor is common practice. It rates rather highly in terms of quality and taste, and most find it difficult to tell the difference between city water and bottled water. Many may not know that research shows pharmaceutical drugs are making it into the water supply.

In this week's "Issues of the Environment"  89.1 WEMU's David Fair explores the issue and what it may mean for you. The guest this week is Larry Sanford, the city of Ann Arbors' Assistant Manager of Water Treatment Services.