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Doug Coombe / Concentrate Media

A collaboration between two Ypsilanti-based nonprofits, Our House and HouseN2Home, has created a "home" for teenagers about to transition out of foster care. 


WEMU's Lisa Barry and On the Ground Ypsi project manager Sarah Rigg talk with Natasha Doan-Motsinger, the executive director of Our House, about how they worked together to create this necessary space.

Our House
Our House / ourhousemi.org

The transition to adult life can be difficult for those raised in the foster care system.  The Washtenaw County-based nonprofit, "Our House," was founded to make such transitions a little easier.  However, the coronavirus crisis has made the organization's work  more challenging.  But, there are successes to champion and optimism for the future.  In this week's "Washtenaw United," Our House executive director Natasha Doan-Motsinger speaks to WEMU's David Fair about how the organization, and those it serves, are adapting. 

Doug Coombe / Concentrate Media

When a child ages out of the foster care system, the transition to adulthood can be extremely difficult.  The Ypsilanti organization known as "Our House" seeks to make such transitions as simple as possible.  Our House executive director Natasha Doan-Motsinger explains the organization's work in more detail with WEMU's Lisa Barry and Concentrate Media's Sarah Rigg in this week's installment of "On the Ground-Ypsi."

Washtenaw United
Susan Smith / United Way of Washtenaw County

Once people age out of the foster care system, they face many uncertainties.  That is why the 'Our House' program was created.  In this week's "Washtenaw United," WEMU's David Fair is joined by Our House volunteer Rose Putler and client Alexis Deese-Romberg to discuss what this program brings to the community.