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Michigan Supreme Court
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The Michigan Supreme Court has weighed in on what kinds of evidence can be admitted in sexual assault cases.

For 19 years now, a day in April is reserved for 'Denim Day.'  Its origins stem from a case in France in which a rapist was acquitted because the teenaged female agreed removed her own blue jeans in the course of the assault.  The next day, female lawmakers in the French Parliament wore denim to work in a show of solidarity and disgust.  WEMU's David Fair talks with Barbara Niess-May, the executive director of Safehouse Center in Washtenaw County, about where we've come since then and the work that still needs to be done. 

Courtesy Photo / Michigan Department of Corrections

A bill before the Legislature would close loopholes that led to a judge accidentally ordering a woman to share child custody with the man who raped her.  It was the result of a new law that was supposed to get more fathers to pay child support.