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1st Friday Focus On The Environment: Texas, Lake Erie And Michigan Water Withdrawals

Michigan League of Conservation Voters

Recovery and relief efforts continue in southeast Texas. Harsh environmental issues will have to be dealt with in Hurricane Harvey's aftermath. 89.1 WEMU's David Fair and the MLCV's Lisa Wozniak  also explores the Lake Erie Algae Bloom and Nestle's desire to withdraw more water in Osceola County for its bottled water operations. It's all part of the monthly series, "1st Friday Focus on the Environment." 

The horror and devastation of Tropical Storm Harvey is beyond the scope of imagination. Highways turned to rivers. Homes turned to swimming pools. Lives lost and lives changed forever. The news is overwhelming (see just a few snippets below). As we experience, here in Michigan, our own waterways contaminated again and again and again by the increasingly severe storm systems, we can only imagine the horror of the long-term pollution, chemical contamination and associated threats to human health. 

Does Harvey Represent a New Normal for Hurricanes? 
Hurricane Harvey was No Surprise
Trump's Rollback of Flood Risks....
....Long term devastation  (and a look at how the in-affordability of flood insurance impacts people of color the hardest)
For a look at the impact of this storm on already disproportionately impacted members of the Houston community (those who are poor and people of color), look no further than Dr. Robert Bullard, the "father of environmental justice", for his thoughts and analysis.
(Source: :  weekly newsletter from Lisa Wozniak, executive director of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters ) 

Contact David: dfair@emich.edu
Lisa Wozniak is Executive Director of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters.