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Deb Polich

Deb Polich

Host of creative:impact

Polich co-hosts the weekly segment creative:impact, which features creative people, jobs and businesses in the greater Ann Arbor area.

Deb Polich champions the arts and creative industries in her professional, volunteer and personal life. She has 30+ years of professional arts administration experience, including serving as the president/CEO of Artrain, Inc., and since 2013, holding the same position at The Arts Alliance. Polich earned a B.S. in arts administration with a business minor from Eastern Michigan University. She began her professional arts management career at the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor beginning as the box office manager and leaving seven years later as the managing director. She serves/has served on the boards of numerous nonprofit arts and community organizations. She currently serves on the boards of Creative Many Michigan as treasurer, Michigan Works! Southeast and three boards at EMU: the College of Arts & Science Advancement Board, the Advisory Boards for the Masters of Public Administration and the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance. She serves on the City of Ann Arbor’s Economic Development Advisory Committee and Destination Ann Arbor’s marketing and community grants committee. She is a University of Michigan and EMU Arts Management guest lecturer. 

  • Art, in all its forms, is a universal language. Sreyashi Dey’s company, Akshara, explores contemporary themes by bringing Indian myths to life through Indian dance and theater. Sreyashi joins Deb Polich on this edition of WEMU’s "creative:impact." They chat about the new work she is premiering at the Rasa Festival, September 23.
  • Jason Stevens's company, Flutter & Wow Museum Projects, located in Ann Arbor, has designed exhibitions and displays for local museums, like the U-M Museum of Natural History and the Motown Museum, as well as museums in Kentucky, Georgia and elsewhere. Jason joins Deb Polich on this edition of WEMU’s "creative:impact." They talk about what it takes to create captivating and exciting exhibitions.
  • Sandra Murchison is an artist and the director of Eastern Michigan University’s School of Art & Design. She recently set aside her art supplies and gladly picked up a shovel for the groundbreaking ceremony for EMU’s 3D Arts Complex. Sandra joins Deb Polich on "creative:impact" to talk about this exciting addition to the EMU campus expected to open in the fall of 2024.
  • The protagonist of Hilary Cohen’s first murder mystery, "A Turquoise Grave," is looking forward to a tropical getaway but instead finds herself trying to prove a man is innocent of murder. Hilary, widely known as the playwright for the famed Wild Swan Theater, has turned her talents to the written page. Hilary talks about how becoming a novelist seemed like the natural next step for her creative career on the next edition of "creative:impact" with Deb Polich.
  • For the second year in a row, giant billboard-sized artworks have sprouted in parks throughout Washtenaw County. "Embracing our Differences" is back in full bloom. Julie Brooks Malone and Chris Gant spend many days among the artwork greeting guests and telling them about the art on view. Students on tours, it seems, teach these docents as much in return. We find out what is shared when Julie and Chris join Deb Polich on this edition of "creative impact."
  • Balancing the obligations of life is still a constant challenge. It leads to many creative people setting something that gives them personal joy and fulfillment. "I’ll get back to it someday,” they say. Then, someday is forty or fifty years down the line. Marissa Conniff, a young business owner and mom, found her way back to her first creative love: singing. Find out how when Marissa joins Deb Polich, your host, on the next "creative:impact."
  • That’s the sound of a fireworks display bursting open on Independence Day at a park near you. Have you ever thought about the art of fireworks? How do you make those colors and staged explosions that thrill young and old this time of year? Join Deb Polich, your "creative:impact' host, to meet fireworks enthusiast Kevin Paterson to find out—just in time for the Fourth of July.
  • Joe Malcoun is an entrepreneur active in local politics and community development. He is also a music club owner. What drives him? As the owner of Ann Arbor’s storied Blind Pig, is he living out his teenage fantasy of “being in a band,” or is he a sly investor? Maybe he’s both! Find out when Joe joins Deb Polich on this edition of "creative:impact."
  • Our region was busy in the mid 1820s! Ann Arbor joins the City of Dexter in marking their bicentennials in 2024 following Ypsilanti’s 200th birthday this year. What does it take to plan a city celebration of such an occasion? Ann Arbor City Manager Milton Dohoney Jr. tells us when he joins Deb Polich on this edition of "creative:impact."
  • Milan resident Dave Snyder seems to have found that magic moment when buildings that just seemed old and uninteresting become nostalgic and worthy of restoration and preservation. One by one, he is working to bring buildings along Milan’s main street back to life. Dave tells us how he’s getting it done when he joins Deb Polich on this edition of "creative:impact".