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Ann Arbor Wants To Become A 'Solar Ready' Community

Jun 20, 2016

Solar Panels
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Ann Arbor's city council will meet tonight, and solar power will be on the agenda.


As part of the city's climate action plan, the council is considering approving a resolution to make Ann Arbor a "solar ready community."  They want to generate 24 megawatts by the year 2025.  Council member Chip Smith from the 5th ward says right now that number is about 150 kilowatts a year.

"We need to average about 2.4 megawatts of installations per year and, when you think about that, a megawatt of generation is fairly significant.  It is many. many rooftops."

Council is also considering offering residents to join in on a bulk solar panel purchase to make it affordable for more people.

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