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Absentee Ballot
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Tomorrow is the day!  Residents will be heading out to the polls for the midterm election, and we've got some tips to prepare you.  Access your resources in this week's edition of "Civic Matters" with WEMU's David Fair and the CivCity Initiative's Mary Morgan.

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Sterilization is one of methods the City of Ann Arbor uses to help control the urban deer population. That could change.  The Michigan House of Representatives has approved a bill that could impact the city's deer management program.  

Barbara Lucas / 89.1 WEMU

These days, it seems you can back up just about any point of view, depending on which facts you choose to  cite.  So, let’s take a moment to set aside the debate over data when it comes to Ann Arbor’s deer management plan, including sterilization and a lethal cull.  In this first of our two-part series in “The Green Room,” Barbara Lucas focuses instead on the underlying perspectives and value systems guiding some of the voices in this contentious issue.