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State lawmakers want to tackle animal safety.  Legislation aimed at preventing animals from dying in vehicles has passed a state Senate committee.

Ballot Box
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You might soon be able to register to vote from the comfort of your home.  Lawmakers in the state Senate passed a bill Thursday for online voter registration.

Opioid Bills Head To Governor Snyder's Desk

Dec 14, 2017
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Legislation aimed at curbing the state’s opioid crisis is on its way to the governor.

Michigan State Senate
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Democratic lawmakers are trying once again to repeal the state’s “Right to Work” law.  Five years ago, a Republican-led Legislature made Right to Work the law of the state.  It prohibits contracts that make union membership a condition of employment. 

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A teen was recently attacked in Muskegon County.  Officials say it was because he’s gay.  Now some prosecutors and lawmakers are calling on the legislature to expand the state’s hate crimes law

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It’s Sunshine Week – a time of year when issues of transparency and open government are put front and center.

Michigan Senators Tackle Voting Reform

Jan 25, 2017
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Michigan lawmakers seem to be making voting laws a priority.  Lawmakers in both chambers have now introduced legislation they say will make voting easier. 

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A bill on its way to Governor Rick Snyder would compensate people who were wrongly convicted of a crime and imprisoned. 

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Michigan’s state flag might be getting a new design. 

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Legislation up for a vote in the state Senate today would compensate people who are exonerated for the time they were wrongfully imprisoned. 

Juvenile Prisoner Michigan
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People who were wrongfully convicted would be entitled to $60,000 for each year they spent in prison under legislation unveiled Thursday at the state Capitol.