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It's Back To School Today For Some Ypsilanti Elementary Students

Patrik Holubik

Summer vacation is over for kids attending Holmes Elementary, where a balanced calendar, or year-round school, is now in place.

Students start classes at Holmes today, and teachers reported last week to get everything ready for them. 

Ypsilanti Community Schools Superintendent Laura Lisiscki says she's had very positive feedback from parents.

"We did have some really good clarifying questions about what it looks like for their children," Lisiscki says, "and we really had to assure them that it's actually the same amount of days as a traditional calendar, it has just spread it out more evenly, hence the name 'balanced calendar'"

And Lisiscki says she was pleasantly surprised to find that everyone who was on the Holmes Elementary staff last year is back this year, a sign they've bought into the balanced calendar program. 

The state of Michigan is helping with the financial impact of moving to a balanced calendar with a $146,000 grant expected to be approved this week. 

Parents who didn't want their children in the program this year had the option of enrolling them in Adams or Erickson elementary schools.