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Meet The Staff - Marilyn Gouin

One of the most important jobs at any public radio station is taking care of the people that take care of the station - donors and volunteers like you!

Marilyn does a great service for WEMU by taking of a lot of the "behind the scenes" work that keeps the station moving forward.

What do you do at WEMU - I am the Donor Services Manager

Where is your hometown -  Ann Arbor, MI is home and has been most of my life.


 What college did you attend -  My Bachelor of Science degree is from Eastern Michigan University.


What was your major - English Language and Literature was my major and I received a teaching certificate as well. Although I never taught in a school, working at the station gives me lots of opportunities to teach technology and business skills. 

  What are your favorite WEMU shows - On the news side beyond the obvious Morning Edition and All Things Considered I like Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. Our new shows Ask Me Another and Freakonomics are growing on me as well. I like a variety of music. Michael Jewett's Blues Hours, Memphis to Motown, the Big City Blues Cruise, Marion McPartland’s Piano Jazz and Mountain Stage are on my list of most listened to music shows. When Linda Yohn plays great jazz vocals and zydeco they definitely lift my spirits.  


How did you come to be involved with WEMU - I was a volunteer for WEMU before becoming a staff member. The music initially drew me to the station but the community connection is what kept me coming back as a listener and volunteer. That was twenty years ago. I've been a staff member for over six years.

What do you do each day at WEMU - My day at work includes keeping the business office running smoothly, processing pledges and FCC paperwork for each day's broadcasting logs. It also can include helping to plan and produce outreach events, pledge drive, photographing events, and sharing information about the station on social media. Before and during a pledge drive I am the phone volunteer coordinator and oversee acquiring food donors. It's not a dull job by any stretch of the imagination! If you come to our 5:01 after work parties or our blues barbeque, you’ll see me there with my camera. 

Where do you love to eat - My favorite restaurant is Seva. You don’t have to be a vegetarian to like their menu. 


  What are your favorite shopping destinations -  Although shopping is not my favorite thing to do, Kerrytown shops and the Ann Arbor Farmers Market are great places to shop when the mood hits.

What was the last movie you saw - Star Wars in 3-D was the last film I saw. It brought back so many memories of taking my kids to the original Star Wars movies and the fascination the world had with the new technology that came from Lucasfilm and Industrial Light and Magic. How George Lucas let our imaginations fly free!


What's a favorite WEMU memory - Because I take photos for the station I meet some of the musicians who come here for on air interviews. My favorite moment so far was the day Marcia Ball was in town to perform at The Ark and she stopped by the station to talk to Michael Jewett during his show. I had seen her on stage many times and love her music. She was very easy to talk to and we had a good time sharing funny stories about raising sons. 

  Where do you vacation - I try to go to Colorado at least once a year where my youngest son and grandson live. There is nothing like looking out of a window or door and seeing the majesty of the Rocky Mountains before you or walking the trails of the foothills. 


Why do you love public radio - I love public radio because it brings an honest look at the world and people around us. 

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