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Issues of the Environment

Issues of the Environment: The Ann Arbor Connection To The Volkswagen Scandal

Volkswagen Clean Diesel
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A Senior Fellow at the International Council on Clean Transportation in Ann Arbor knows exactly how Volkswagen got caught cheating emissions testing. John German, and his colleagues, commissioned the study that led to Volkswagen being caught. In this week's 'Issues of the Environment' Mr. German explains how it all happened, and what will happen next. 



John German, Senior Fellow at the International Council on Clean Transportation in Ann Arbor, was attempting to prove that diesel cars can run clear, but he and a colleague in Europe unintentionally uncovered deception by VW to cheat emissions testing.


It was revealed that VW had installed devices that thwarted admissions testing under laboratory conditions (not real-world driving conditions), and since the discovery VW’s CEO has stepped down, VW faces $18 million in fines, the EPA has agreed to improve testing, and VW has shifted their focus away from diesel and on to electric vehicles


*  ICCT is a clean transportation advocacy organization (NGO) that supports “clean diesel” as part of a strategy for cleaner air and less vehicular pollution. 


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