Michigan Capitol
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Lawmakers in Lansing are working on getting rid of the state’s tax on feminine hygiene products.  This isn’t the first attempt to get rid of the so-called “tampon tax.”

U.S. Capitol
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U.S. lawmakers announced the creation of a bipartisan task force Wednesday to fight PFAS chemicals.  A majority of the members on the task force are from Michigan.

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Lawmakers in Lansing are contemplating ways to help furloughed federal employees get by until the government reopens.  There are thousands of federal employees in Michigan that haven’t been paid since December.

Michigan State Senate
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Democrats in the state Senate plan to try and undo a controversial bill that passed during last year’s lame duck session.

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Some health advocates want to raise the minimum age for tobacco purchases.  The American Cancer Society also wants changes to make pricing for cancer treatments more fair in Michigan.

Michigan House of Representatives
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The state Legislature returned last week to open its 100th session.

Michigan Capitol
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The Michigan Legislature will gavel in for its 100th session this week.  Lawmakers say they have one multi-billion dollar issue to tackle first.

Gretchen Whitmer
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Michigan officially has a new governor.  Gretchen Whitmer was sworn in Tuesday on the Capitol steps. 

Democrat Gretchen Whitmer will take the oath of office on Tuesday morning to Michigan's 49th Governor, while Whitmer's running mate, Garlin Gilchrist II, will be sworn-in as Lieutenant Governor. 

The MAB and MAPB present live coverage of the Michigan Gubernatorial Inauguration starting January 1, 2019 with the broadcast starting at 11 a.m. to Noon. You can watch it live here on WEMU.org

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In November, Michigan voters approved Proposal 1.  It legalizes recreational use of marijuana.  Throughout the year, the state began licensing medical marijuana dispensaries.  It’s going to take some time, but in the not-so-distant future, Michigan will have a fully realized marijuana industry.  WEMU’s David Fair takes a look at the year in marijuana that was 2018 with an eye towards 2019.

Michigan Capitol
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Republicans in the state Legislature are trying to limit the powers of statewide offices that – come January – will flip to Democrats.  It's a strategy that's angered Democratic voters, and protestors have been flooding the state Capitol with chants like “We voted for blue, not for you.”. 

Rick Snyder
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The board assembled to advise Governor Rick Snyder on pipeline safety in the state of Michigan held its last meeting Monday. 

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According to the Association of Oil Pipelines, pipelines are energy “lifelines."  They create jobs, keep costs down, and are the safest way to transport oil and gas.  It’s easy to see they currently fuel the American way of life.  But there’s disagreement on whether building more pipelines is in our collective best interest. 

Gretchen Whitmer
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Michigan’s new governor will start in January.  But Governor-Elect Gretchen Whitmer faces an adversarial state Legislature, which could impact what Whitmer is able to accomplish.

Gretchen Whitmer
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Michigan’s new Governor-elect is already making plans for her administration.

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Young voters could play a crucial role in Tuesday’s election results.  Here's what some groups are doing to get them to the polls.

Joe Biden
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Former Vice President Joe Biden held a rally in Lansing Thursday.  Biden was in town to stump for Democratic candidates.

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This year’s midterm election continues to break records in political spending.  Special interest groups are at an all-time high for election spending.  That’s according to data gathered by the watchdog group, Michigan Campaign Finance Network.

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The second and final debate between the Republican and Democratic candidates for governor aired last night. 

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In just two weeks, Michigan’s next governor will be decided – and that decision will have come with a hefty price tag.

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In just over two weeks, recreational use of marijuana could be legal in Michigan.  Then what happens?  89.1 WEMU’s Lisa Barry explores the possible impact on local communities, law enforcement, businesses, and the tourism industry, should the adult personal use of marijuana be legalized by Michigan voters.

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Legislation awaiting President Trump’s signature would provide more support for people struggling with opioid addiction. 

Michigan’s senior U.S. Senator and her Republican opponent faced off in a debate Monday in front of the Detroit Economic Club.

Pipeline Advisory Board Sees Tunnel Plan

Oct 15, 2018

Governor Snyder’s office says a ruling by the US Coast Guard will better protect the Great Lakes from oil spills. 

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Tens of thousands of people were falsely accused of cheating on their unemployment benefits.  The state took money from their tax refund or ordered them to re-pay benefits.  That was after a problem with the state’s automated system.  The Michigan Supreme Court will decide if a lawsuit against the state for the false fraud accusations can go forward.

Ballot Box
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If you want to have a say in deciding Michigan’s next governor, you must register to vote by today.  Governor Rick Snyder is unable to run again due to term limits.  That makes this the first time in eight years Michigan residents have a governor’s ballot without an incumbent.

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Legislation in Michigan would reduce criminal penalties for people who intentionally don’t tell their sexual partners that they have HIV in order to spread the disease.  Those bills have stalled in a state House committee.

Straits of Mackinac
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A controversial pipeline that carries crude oil and natural gas liquids under the Straits of Mackinac is on its way toward being decommissioned.  Sort of.

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
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The governor wants to make sure state departments and local agencies can respond to areas contaminated with PFAS chemicals as quickly as possible.  The industrial chemicals have been found in more than 30 locations across the state.  Governor Rick Snyder has issued a directive calling on state departments and agencies to create a readiness and response plan.

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A package of bills in the state House would classify 17 year-olds as juveniles, rather than automatically treating them as adults.