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Flint Crisis Draws Concern For Ann Arbor Water System

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Steve Johnson

The ongoing Flint water crisis is causing many people to take a closer look at where their water comes from.  

In Ann Arbor, questions from concerned residents prompted 1stWard Councilwoman Sabra Briere to publish information on the city's infrastructure.  It explains that while the city's water and sewer main pipes pipes do not contain lead, it is aware of 118 pipes used to connect homes and businesses to the system that do.

Robert Keller is a spokesperson for the city of Ann Arbor.  He says the pipes pose no danger to residents because the city treats its water to prevent corrosion, something that wasn't done in Flint.  

"Water that's traveling through the pipes does not degrade the pipes, and, therefore, lead does not leech into the water. We have a testing system in place to check lead levels, amongst many other contents of the drinking water."

Keller says, as part of an ongoing process, the city replaces the lead connector pipes it finds when conducting repairs and other maintenance.

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— Taylor Pinson is a writer/reporter for 89.1 WEMU News.  Contact him at 734.487.3363 or email him studio@wemu.org

Taylor Pinson is a former WEMU news reporter and engineer.
Taylor Pinson is a former WEMU news reporter and engineer.
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