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Art & Soul: The Art Of Better Living - There is Power In Your Beliefs, A New Book By Ari Weinzweig

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This week on Art and Soul: The Art of Better Living, I speak with the co-founder of Zingerman's, and the publisher of several books, Ari Weinzweig.

He has a new book out titled "The Power of Beliefs in Business," but the lengthy book has information and insights that can be applied to everyone's everyday life as well.

Weinzweig says the way to create a self-fulfilling positive cycle in our lives starts with our beliefs.

Our beliefs come from a lot of different places, but, ultimately, they should lead to creating something meaningful that impacts people in a positive way.

"Our beliefs are aligned to where we want to go in life," says Weinzweig, who adds "based on what we believe we take action."  He also suggests we should "choose beliefs that are aligned with where we want to go in our lives."

Credit ZingTrain
Ari Weinzweig's latest book, "The Power of Beliefs In Business."

In writing the book, Weinzweig says he realized what you see above ground is all tied to what is going on below the surface whether it's a flower or some food you are growing.  That lead to one of his favorite quotes in the book "you can't grow a rose from a cactus seed."

Bottom line from "The Power of Beliefs" by Ari Weinzweig is... "negative beliefs lead to negative outcomes, neutral beliefs don't lead to a whole lot and "positive beliefs lead to positive outcomes."

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Lisa Barry was a reporter, and host of All Things Considered on 89.1 WEMU.
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