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Nearly three-quarters of David Fair’s 20+ years in radio has been at WEMU. Since 1994, he has been on the air at 5am each weekday on 89.1 FM as the local host of NPR’s Morning Edition. Over the years, Fair has had the opportunity to interview nationally and internationally known politicians, activists and celebrities. But he feels the most important features and interviews have been with those who live and work here at home. He believes his professional passions and desires fit perfectly into WEMU’s commitment to serving a local audience.

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Sean Ahlquist

Sean Ahlquist is an accomplished architect in the area of design and fabrication of pre-stressed lightweight structures and innovations in textile-reinforced composite materials.  It was his love for his daughter Ara that inspired his innovation: a social sensory playscape for children on the Autism spectrum.  Sean tells Deb Polich and David Fair how a dad wanting to connect with his daughter led to a breakthrough on this edition of "creative:impact."  Listen here. 

Tiffany Ford
University of Michigan Credit Union / umcu.org

Numerous women in America often face two challenges in life: succeeding in business and maintaining a family.  Finding balance can be daunting.  In this Women's History Month edition of "Washtenaw United," WEMU's David Fair talks with  Tiffany Ford, president and CEO of the University of Michigan Credit Union, about her experience and the work to create better futures and more balance for members of her team. 

Debbie Dingell
Wikipedia Media Commons / wikipedia.org

The latest COVID package is expected to pass the U.S. House, but with one omission.  The proposed increase to the federal minimum wage was removed from the package and will possibly be put forth as a separate bill.  12th District Representative Debbie Dingell discusses her support for an increase to $15 per hour.  Dingell also discusses U.S. House passage of the  "Equality Act" in her conversation with WEMU's David Fair.

Bentley Historical Library / bentley.umich.edu

In the late 19th Century, George Jewett came to the University of Michigan to play football.  He would later continues his playing career at Northwestern University.  It wasn't long before he cemented his place in academic and athletic history, and now, there will be a new trophy named in his honor.  David Fair speaks to Jewett's great-grandson, WEMU jazz host Michael Jewett, about the personal and historical significance of this announcement.

Golden Globe
Wikipedia Media Commons / wikipedia.org

The Golden Globes award ceremony will be held this weekend. There are some favorites but there are always surprises to! In this week's "Cinema Chat," WEMU's David Fair connects with Michigan Theater Foundation executive director Russ Collins to discuss the latest movie news and the films now showing in Ann Arbor and online. 

Integrity First for America / integrityfirstforamerica.org

In August of 2017, white supremacists and neo-Nazi groups violently attacked a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.  There were numerous injuries and one death.  Since, armed protesters have invaded the Capitol building in Lansing and led an insurrection at the nation's Capitol.  Tonight, State Representative Felicia Brabec of Ann Arbor will moderate a discussion put forth by Integrity First for America, a non-partisan, non-profit civil rights organization supporting a lawsuit by a group of Charlottesville residents. 

Justin Onwenu
LinkedIn / linkedin.com

The movement towards racial equity is an ongoing fight.  Environmental racism has been an issue in our area since the industrial revolution, and it persists today, inflicting the most harm on communities of color.  In another Black History Month edition of "Issues of the Environment," WEMU's David Fair and the Sierra Club's Justin Onwenu explore problems and solutions in the effort to bring environmental injustice to an end. 

Michigan Works! Southeast / mwse.org

Navigating the workforce is never easy, which is why organizations like Michigan Works! Southeast (MWSE) are there to help.  MSWE executive director Shamar Herron has taken that mission to a new level with a podcast called "Workplace@Work."  Herron joined WEMU's David Fair and Concentrate Media's Sarah Rigg to discuss the training and employment oppotunities in our area that already exist. 

University of Michigan Life Sciences Institute / lsi.umich.edu

Despite limited supplies, distribution of the coronavirus vaccine is increasing locally.  Washtenaw County Health Department spokesperson Susan Ringler-Cerniglia joined WEMU's David Fair to discuss the latest information and what it means to you. 

Mia Risberg

Before and after COVID-19.  It is how we mark time now.  Mia Risberg joins "creative:impact" co-hosts Deb Polich and David Fair to talk about her visual artist practice before and after COVID hit, how she revitalized her work, and found reward through the unlimited boundaries of the Internet.  Hear her story here.

Khadija Wallace
Joyful Treats / anewjoyfultreats.com

In the best of times, food insecurity is a significant community problem.  In the pandemic economy, it has become a desperate situation for all too many.  The Ypsilanti-based Joyful Treats Community Foundation is bringing its culinary and catering talents to the fore in helping address the issue.  Founder and president Khadija Wallace joined WEMU's David Fair on "Washtenaw United" to discuss the inspiration and motivation behind the foundation's efforts.

Debbie Dingell
Michigan House Democrats / housedems.com

President Joe Biden is visiting Portage, Michigan today to tour a Pfizer facility that produces coronavirus vaccines.  Meantime, 12th District Representative Debbie Dingell is in Washington working on passing the Biden Administration's  COVID-19 relief and stimulus package.  Dingell joined WEMU's David Fair today to update progress on that and other federal initiatives.  

Michigan Theater
The Michigan Theater / Facebook

After a week apart, WEMU's top movie-loving duo is back together.  In this week's "Cinema Chat," WEMU's David Fair talks to Michigan Theater Foundation executive director Russ Collins discuss the latest movie news and all of the new films available both downtown in Ann Arbor at through the Michigan Theater's Virtual Movie Palace.

Paul Mohai
University of Michigan / umich.edu

The concept of environmental justice can traced back to the 1970's.  But, it wasn't until the 1990's when the movement really began to take shape, thanks to the works of such scholars as Dr. Bunyan Bryant and Dr. Paul Mohai.  Dr. Mohai looks back at the work he and his colleagues have done over the last three decades in a conversation with WEMU's David Fair.

Jamall Bufford
Jamall Bufford / Washtenaw My Brother's Keeper

Jamall Bufford is a musician, rapper, and DJ, and his energy impacts a number of young men through his work as project specialist at Washtenaw County My Brother's Keeper (WMBK).  He joined "creative:impact" co-hosts Deb Polich and David Fair to discuss the importance of infusing art and creativity into youth development projects.  The efforts have resulted in an album featuring a number of talented young people from Washtenaw County and a documentary film highlighting how the project offers a path forward. 

Cozine Welch
Cozine Welch / A Brighter Way

Those who are released from jail or prison, especially people of  color, face a great number of barriers to successfully reintegrating.  The COVID-19 pandemic has only made things worse.  Former inmate Cozine Welch started the organization "A Brighter Way" to help those, like him, who have faced these obstacles.  Welch joined WEMU's David Fair to discuss the work of supporting those in need of a new path while recognizing, and fighting, the systemic racism that permeates our system of justice. 

Donele Wilkins
Greendoor Initative / greendoorinitiative.org

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the the African-American community more in a variety of negative ways.  Among other things, it has highlighted the systemic issues that continue to support environmental racism.  Detroit-based "Green Door Initiative" was created specifically to fight such inequities.  Organization founder and CEO Donele Wilkins discusses progress and present and future challenges with WEMU's David Fair.  

Damian Farrell / Artrain

In 1971, a group of Michigan arts activists put art on a train to deliver it to people in small towns.  They believed everyone should have access to arts and cultural programs.  Artrain board member Damian Farrell recounts the Artrain legacy and vision that remains vital 50 years later.  He joins Deb Polich and David Fair on this edition of "creative:impact."  Listen here.

Alena Zachery-Ross
Ypsilanti Community Schools / ycschools.us

Soon after the pandemic hit, unemployment went up significantly on the east side of Washtenaw County.  Student homelessness and food insecurity went up, while any sense of security and stability plummeted. The Ypsilanti Community Schools and its partners responded in short order by creating "The Resiliency Center."  YCS superintendent Alena Zachery-Ross joined WEMU's David Fair to discuss the center's impact so far and why the center will likely be with us even after the pandemic is over. 

Debbie Dingell
Wikipedia Media Commons / wikipedia.org

Democrats in the U.S. House have stripped a freshman Georgia Republican of her committee assignments.  Michigan's 12th District Congresswoman Debbie Dingell explains why she voted in favor of the disciplinary measure.  Meantime, final preparations for Former President Donald Trump's second impeachment trial in the Senate are underway, and there's the COVID-19 relief package still to pass.  Representative Dingell joined WEMU's David Fair to offer her view from the House floor. 

Gary Peters
Gary Peters / peters.senate.gov

There has already been a far more progressive position on climate change and the environment in the new Biden Administration.  Michigan Senator Gary Peters has a new leadership role and will be pushing initiatives that could have specific benefits to the environment in his home state.  Senator Peters joined Lisa Wozniak of Michigan League of Conservation Voters and WEMU's David Fair to share his perspective on the environmental agenda and the importance of getting COVID relief into the hands of the people. 

Michigan Theater
Wikipedia Media Commons / wikipedia.org

In this week's "Cinema Chat," WEMU's David Fair talks to Michigan Theater Foundation executive director Russ Collins about the latest films now available to view online in the comfort of own home.  Plus, the Michigan Theater Foundation's director of programming and communications, Sarah Escalante, joins the chat to share her experiences with this year's virtual Sundance Film Festival.

Laura Sherman
Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council / mieibc.org

The cost of producing and distributing renewable energy continues to decline.  That is changing the energy marketplace.  Still, there are a lot of hurdles to overcome in both legislative policy and in the behaviors of individuals and communities.  In this week's "Issues of the Environment," WEMU's David Fair discusses the near and longer-term energy future with Laura Sherman, president of the Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council.

PxHere / pxhere.com

Despite the United Kingdom variant entering the area, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases has leveled off recently.  Yet, distributing out the vaccine to residents has still not reached the level that was hoped for.  Washtenaw County Health Department spokesperson Susan Cerniglia discusses the latest COVID-19 developments with WEMU's David Fair.

Melissa Goodson
Melissa Goodson

For residents of retirement communities, being vigilant about following COVID-19 protocols is critical.  The United Methodist Retirement Community (UMRC) in Chelsea knew that sheltering in place could lead to a sense of isolation and disconnection.  Melissa Goodson, major gifts officer at UMRC, joins Deb Polich and David Fair to discuss the impact hand-curated streamed performances have on the well-being of the UMRC residents.  Listen here. 

Marquan Jackson
Marquan Jackson

For nearly a decade now, Eastern Michigan University's Family Empowerment Program has helped those living in Ypsilanti Housing Commission facilities in a variety of ways.  The program's work has become even more important through the COVID-19 pandemic, especially for families of color.  The program's executive director, Marquan Jackson, joined WEMU's David Fair on the first day of Black History Month to discuss services offered and why the pandemic has highlighted issues of systemic racism. 

Debbie Dingell
Rep. Debbie Dingell / Facebook

It's been a busy week in the federal goverment.  President Joe Biden has signed several executive orders.  The stock market has seen unusual gains, due to a group of online traders and Congressional hearings are on the way.  WEMU's David Fair caught up with 12th District Congressional Representative Debbie Dingell for her perspective on those issues and more. 

Michigan Theater
The Michigan Theater / Facebook

It's cold outside right now, so stay warm with a good flick.  In this week's "Cinema Chat," WEMU's David Fair talks to Michigan Theater Foundation executive director Russ Collins about the latest developments at Ann Arbor's Michigan Theater and State Theatre, as well as the newest films for your online viewing pleasure.

Jeff Irwin
Michigan Senate Democrats / senatedems.com

Despite a very difficult year of 2020, Governor Whitmer's third State of the State address had a very positive tone.  Even though he knew it's what Michiganders needed to hear, Michigan Senator Jeff Irwin of Ann Arbor acknowledged that it will take a lot of work to achieve bipartisanship in the state Legislature.  Irwin talks about his thoughts on the governor's speech with WEMU's David Fair.

Christopher Taylor
City of Ann Arbor / a2gov.org

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer touched on numerous topics in her third State of the State address, including ending the COVID-19 pandemic, repairing Michigan's economy, and promoting racial diversity.  In a conversation with WEMU's David Fair, Ann Arbor Mayor Christopher Taylor discusses how the governor's speech connects with the City of Ann Arbor and its goals.