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  • A lot of kids get excited at the prospect of spending a part of the summer at sleepaway camp. The sheer number of activities and the opportunities to make new friends and have a life experience outside the home has a number of benefits. Unfortunately, there are a lot of families that can’t afford to provide that experience. That’s where Washtenaw Camp Placement comes in. Its mission is to help youngsters with less access find their way to the camp experience. WEMU's David Fair talks with executive director Matt Tarver-Wahlquist about how to get connected and the kinds of differences it is making.
  • For more than 100 years, the Girl Scouts has worked to help turn young girls into strong, productive women. March is Women’s History Month, and the evolution of the Girl Scouts as an institution continues. JoAnna Roach is adult education and enrichment director for Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan. She was a scout herself and now dedicates her professional life to working with girls and volunteers in what she calls “the best job in the world.” JoAnna joined WEMU's David Fair as the first guest on a month-long Women’s History Month series on "Washtenaw United."
  • Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners Chair Justin Hodge will be holding a townhall meeting tonight to talk to residents about some of the programs to help their families. WEMU’s Kevin Meerschaert has this report.
  • There are a number of health care issues we are dealing with: lack of affordable service for the uninsured, lack of affordable health insurance, inadequate adolescent health care and health education and a lack of people of color as health care providers. The Corner Health Center in Ypsilanti is specifically designed to address those issues. WEMU's David Fair spoke with the center’s executive director, Alex Plum, to find out what is working and what more needs to be done.
  • The Community Leadership Revolution, or CLR Academy, is a youth sports sampling program. It's expanding through the Ypsilanti area, and beyond. But sports are just a vehicle for the organization’s efforts to help kids live healthier lives. Among other things, it teaches them about nutrition, mental health, and building positive relationships. Washtenaw My Brother's Keeper program director Jamall Bufford is one of the founders of CLR. He joined WEMU's Josh Hakala and Concentrate Media's Rylee Barnsdale to discuss the program and its growth.
  • They say it’s your birthday! The Neutral Zone, the organization envisioned as a youth-driven place for teens to gather, is 25 years old. The Zone's director, Lori Roddy, and youth leader, Sana Schaden join host Deb Polich on this edition of "creative:impact." With a glance back at Neutral Zone’s early days, they’ll bring us up to date on what is now a national model for teen gathering places and tell us about the birthday celebration.
  • The Latinx Teen Empowerment Group at Ypsilanti Community High School was created to give Latinx teens mental health support and to help them address other challenges as they adapt to a new language and a new culture. Learn more as WEMU's Josh Hakala and Concentrate Media's Rylee Barnsdale spoke about the program with two of its leaders, Priscilla Cortez and Dr. Fernanda Cross.
  • Education in lower income areas was already suffering, in part, because of underfunding. Then the pandemic hit, and some kids fell further behind. It has hit the Ypsilanti area particularly hard. Using anti-racist and positive teaching methods, Educate Youth is a summer program aimed at bolstering the academic prospects of kids in the 48197 and 48198 zip codes. Its founder and executive director, Gail Wolkoff, joined WEMU's David Fair with a look at the program impacts.
  • The Peace Neighborhood Center in Ann Arbor is expanding wellness programs to benefit youngsters and their families. That is in addition to building on existing programs aimed at transformational experiences that build self-sufficiency. Bonnie Billups has been involved with the center since the 1970’s and now serves as its executive director. He joined WEMU's David Fair to talk about the latest program updates as the quest for equity and equality continues.
  • Community groups in Ypsilanti Township are raising concerns over the way the township board allocated American Rescue Plan - or ARPA dollars - last week. WEMU’s Cathy Shafran explains.